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Doric Bible

One of our elders, Gordon M Hay, has translated the whole Bible into the Doric dialect of Northeast Scotland. His Doric version of the New Testament was published in 2012 and is available in paperback (£12) or hardback (£25) both plus £4 p&p. Enquiries should be sent to gordonmhay@outlook.com

The Old Testament in Doric has been published and will be launched at an event on 30th June 2023. Copies will be on sale for £35.

A CD of excerpts from the Doric New Testament is now available from Gordon M Hay Inverquhomery House Longside Peterhead AB42 4TU price £8 or £10 by post.

As an example of the writing, here is Matthew’s version of Peter’s denial:

Noo Steenie wis sittin oot i the closs fan a quine cam up till him an said, “Ye wis wi att Jesus o Galilee.” Bit Steenie wad hae neen o’t an afore e lot o them he says, “A dinna ken fit ye’re spikkin aboot.” He held awa oot aboot an anither quine saw him an said tae e fowk att were gaithert, “Att lad wis wi Jesus o Nazareth.” Again he wad hae neen o’t an swore he didna ken e chiel. A fylie efter e chiels att were stannin aboot cam ower tae Steenie an says, “Ye maun be een o them, we ken bi yer wird.” Syne he began tae curse an sweir, sayin, “A dinna ken e chiel.” Wi att e cock crew an Steenie mynt fit Jesus hid said: “Afore e cock craws ye’ll deny ye ken ma three times.” An he gaed oot an roart an grat.

(E Gospel o Mattha 26:69-75)


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