Longside Parish Church of Scotland

Scottish Charity No SC008873

GP 6th June 2021

Good Morning,
The Good News about Jesus was spreading and many more people became believers. Philip was in Samaria when an angel of the Lord told him to go south and take the desert road between Jerusalem and Gaza. Philip got ready and went.

On the same road was an important man riding in a chariot. He was an Ethiopian from the country of Ethiopia and was an official at the Queen’s palace. He was in charge of the Queen’s treasury.

He had been to Jerusalem to worship God and was on his way home. As he journeyed he was reading the scripture written by the prophet Isaiah, but he didn’t understand what he was reading.
The Holy Spirit said to Philip “go over to that chariot and stay close to it.” Philip ran over and heard him reading from the Book of Isaiah. He asked the man “do you understand what you are reading?” The man replied “how can I when I have no one to teach me?” And he invited Philip to join him in the chariot.

“Who is the prophet talking about?” he asked Philip. Philip began to tell him all about the Good News of Jesus, when he had finished the man believed.

A little way along the road they came to a place where there was some water. “Here is some water, what is to keep me from being baptized?” the man asked. And so Philip and the man got out of the chariot, went down to the water and Philip baptized him.

When they came out of the water the Spirit of the Lord took Philip away. The official did not see him again, but he continued on his way full of joy.

I wonder which part of this story you like best?
I wonder if you are in this story or where you are in this story?
I wonder what is the most important part of this story?
I wonder if we can leave out any of this story and still have all the story we need?
I wonder if you have been baptized?

Let’s sing – Our God is a Great Big God

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