Longside Parish Church of Scotland

Scottish Charity No SC008873

GP 30th May 2021

Remember to look out for the activities after the song.
There is also a new Messy Church @ Home Activity.

It is now time to change the colour.

We are now in the colour green, the green growing season. Everything is turning green and new life is beginning, buds are opening, the birds have made their nests, and their eggs are beginning to hatch. Everything is wakening up after winter. We only have a few weeks left until the summer holidays, it is that time again.
Are you ready for a story? Let’s begin .
The disciples were still in Jerusalem. Peter and the other disciples told more people about Jesus, baptizing them as Jesus had told them to. Thousands of people became new disciples and met in each other’s houses to pray together. Their happiness spread, and even more people began joining them.

One afternoon Peter and John were going to the Temple to pray when they met a lame beggar.

He sat beside the temple gates each day, calling “Give me some money! I can’t walk. Give me some money so that I can buy food!” Peter and John stopped. They saw this man every day, but hadn’t spoken to him. “I haven’t any money to give you,” said Peter, “but I’ll give you what I have. In the name of Jesus Christ, get up and walk!”

Peter helped the beggar to stand and at once the beggar felt strength flow into his feet and ankles.

He let go of Peter’s hand and started to walk. Then he began running and jumping, shouting “Look I can walk! How good God is. Thank you God!”
The beggar ran into the temple where everyone who knew him was amazed to see him walking about and praising God.

I wonder which part of this story you like best?
I wonder what is the most important part of this story?
I wonder if you are in this story or where you are in this story?
I wonder if we could leave out any of this story and still have all the story we need?
I wonder how you could help other people?

Let’s sing a new song – Silver and Gold have I none.

Peter and John Activities Messy Church @ Home Activity Godly Play Activities

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