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GP 2nd May 2021

Hello. Isn’t it lovely to have a holiday weekend? I wonder what you are doing? When Jesus and his disciples entered Jerusalem on that Palm Sunday long ago, the disciples had no idea of what was going to happen. They thought they were going to celebrate the great feast of the Passover. It was a holiday and Jerusalem was buzzing with excitement.

But it didn’t turn out quite as they expected. Jesus was arrested and crucified, but amazingly rose again three days later. The disciples ran away and hid because they were frightened. Then he had been seen by the women on that first Easter morning and later on that same afternoon two of his followers had met him on the road to Emmaus. What were they to make of it all?

It was a dark night in Jerusalem and the disciples had gathered in a room with the doors shut.

Someone said “Peace be with you.”

They looked and it was Him – Jesus.

At first they thought it was a ghost, but then He talked to them. They saw His wounds. He ate a piece of fish with them, then He opened the scriptures to them as He had done on the road to Emmaus.

Finally, He said again, “Peace be with you” and was gone.

Thomas had been away that night, and when they told him what had happened, he wouldn’t believe them. He had some doubt in his bones. “I won’t believe until I can touch His wounds.”

And why wouldn’t he have some doubt? Their minds were stretching, stretching, stretching to be big enough to know Jesus in this new way.

Eight days passed. The disciples again gathered in the room with the doors shut. This time Thomas was there.

A voice said “Peace be with you.” It was Jesus, and this time he went right up to Thomas and held out His hand.

“Touch me.”

All Thomas could do was fall on his knees and cry “my Lord and my God.”

Jesus looked at Thomas a long time. “Do you believe because you have seen?”

He then slowly looked around the whole circle and said “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.”

I wonder which part of the story you like best?
I wonder which part of the story is the most important part?
I wonder if you are in this story or where you are in this story?

Here are two songs to help you on your road – let’s sing and dance!

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