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GP 25th April 2021

Hello. Welcome back, are you ready for a story? It seems a long time since Easter Sunday, in fact it is now the 3rd Sunday after Easter but we are still in the colour white in the Circle of the Church Year. Can you see how many white blocks there are before we reach Pentecost (the red block)?

A lot happened on that 1st Easter Sunday. We left the story just after the women found the empty tomb and ran to tell the rest of the disciples. They were amazed and found it difficult to believe that Jesus was alive. And yet, they could feel his presence in the absence, but Jesus was gone, truly gone.

Later that day, in the afternoon two of Jesus followers were making their way slowly to the village of Emmaus about seven miles from Jerusalem.

They were talking about all that had happened. The cross, the empty tomb, what could it all mean? When they were joined by a stranger who asked them what they were talking about.

They were amazed, “haven’t you heard?” they replied and told him all that had happened.
“You are foolish and slow of heart. Listen.” He opened the scriptures to them.

“Do you remember how we were trapped in Egypt and Moses led us out through the water into freedom?
“Do you remember how we were trapped in our freedom in the desert and God gave Moses the Ten Commandments to guide us?
“Do you remember how we were trapped in exile and the prophets said a child would lead us and that someone would come to suffer and die so we might be really alive?”

By this time they had reached Emmaus and as the stranger made to go on, they invited him to stay and eat with them, and he did.
When they sat down to supper in the inn, the stranger took a piece of bread. He gave thanks to God for it and broke it. He then shared it with the two.

That was when they knew who he was. In that moment he was gone.
They sat talking. Now they knew why their hearts had burned within as they walked with him on the road.
They got up and hurried back to Jerusalem to tell the rest that he had been made known to them in the breaking of the bread.

I wonder which part of this story you like best?
I wonder what is the most important part of this story?
I wonder if you have ever felt lost or alone or that the road ahead looks long and empty?
I wonder if this story is about you or where you are in this story?

Here are two songs to help you on your road – let’s sing and dance!

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