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Hi There,
This is our last story for this session. Are you ready?
There once was a boy called Saul. When he grew up he went to Jerusalem and worshiped in the temple. He did not believe the stories about Jesus and even helped to kill any believers he could find. He helped kill a man called Steven who was the first Christian to become a martyr. They threw stones at him until he was dead.

The High Priest sent Saul to Damascus to catch more believers. But something strange happened on the way.
That afternoon as he climbed up the road toward the city, suddenly there was a great light! It was so big he fell to the ground. He could see nothing.

In his darkness a voice came to him: “Saul, Saul, why are you trying to hurt me? Why are you persecuting me?”

All Saul could say was, “Who are you, Lord?”
The voice answered, “I am Jesus, the one you are persecuting. Get up. Go into the city. You will be told what to do?”
Saul tried to get up. He looked for the path, but he was blind.
Saul was led into the city. For three days he went without food or water. Then in the chaos and the darkness of his blindness he heard another voice.
“Hello, brother Saul, I am Ananias. I was sent by Jesus to lay hands on you and bless you.” Ananias was afraid of Saul, but he obeyed God anyway.
When Ananias’ hands touched Saul he could see again. Then Ananias baptised him. Saul was changed forever. He could feel the power of the Holy Spirit growing inside of him. Then Ananias and Saul ate together.
Saul changed so much he changed his name to Paul. He became the Apostle Paul who set up and helped the first churches. He wrote many letters which you can still read today in the New Testament.

I wonder which part of this story you like best?
I wonder what is the most important part?
I wonder where you are, or if you are in this story?
I wonder if we can leave out any of this story and still have all the story we need?

Here is a new song for you.

Road to Damascus Activities

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