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29th November 2020

Good Morning,
This is the time to get ready. To prepare. To get ready to go to Bethlehem. It is the time for the colour purple,

but this year I am going to use the colour blue. This is the colour of the Church of Scotland.

It is also a serious colour. Something serious is about to happen.
This is also the colour of pure holiness. Something serious and wonderful is about to happen.
The king is coming, but he is not the kind of king that people thought was coming. This King had no army, no great house, no riches. This king was a baby who was born in a barn.
The king who was coming is still coming. This is full of mystery. You know, a mystery is hard to enter sometimes. That is why this time of Advent is so important. Sometimes people can walk right through a mystery and not even know it is there.
At this time of year you will see people hurrying around the shops buying things and doing this and that, but they might miss the Mystery. Sometimes they don’t know how to get ready or maybe they just forgot.
The church learned a long time ago that people need a way to get ready or even come close to a mystery like Christmas. The church set aside four weeks to get ready. During this time we are all on the way to Bethlehem. We are all making the journey. We are all getting ready to enter the Mystery of Christmas.
So let’s go with a promise, the prophets and, not one but two babies, to make the journey that was not just back then, but is also now.
At this time of year it gets so dark. It is dark in the morning and it’s dark in the afternoon. The days get shorter and the nights get longer. It gets so dark that you almost think that all the light is going to go out and all that will be left is darkness.

Look at the picture; do you see the small creation plaque? Look at the dark part. There is no light. In the darkness God gave us the promise to put everything right.
A gift of love and light.

Look at the second picture; can you see God’s promise of the gift of love and the gift of light?
This Sunday is the time we remember that promise. We remember it with light shining out of the darkness.
Here is my Advent Wreath with the colours we usually use in our church. Sadly we can’t do that this year but we can still enjoy the light at home. I am going to light the first candle.

You might like to light a candle, a tea light (only if you have an adult with you) or you could use a battery tea light. Light your candle now or just enjoy the picture of the light.
Let’s enjoy the light. What are you thinking as you watch the light?
You might want to change the light by blowing very gently on your candle. Be very careful, then watch as the light gradually disappears round the room. It is still there, you just can’t see it. Where ever you go today the light will be with you. The light of the promise.

Let’s sing. Christmas is a time for love.

Advent Activity
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