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The Church is celebrating Harvest time with a special service of thanksgiving for all that we have.

I wonder if you have noticed machines like this in the fields? Most of the harvest is gathered in now, ready for use over the long winter months when very little grows.

But what makes a good Harvest?

Let’s think about it. To answer the question let’s rearrange some of the letters.

Let’s think of some of the things which we have from God for which we are grateful:
food, clean water, farmers to cultivate the land,
insects to pollinate crops, rain and sun to make the crops grow.

Let’s remember the people who do not have the things we have, and the birds who starve from lack of food if the insects they eat are poisoned.

We share God’s earth with other people and other creatures.
When we share what we have with those who starve –
that is what makes a good harvest.

I wonder what can you do to share with other people?
I wonder if you find it hard to share what you have with others?

There are lots of stories in the bible that talk about harvest and sharing. As part of the Harvest Service we read the story of Joseph and the famine. Here is the link to a video on YouTube to the story of Joseph and the famine. I hope you enjoy it.

God Bless you

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