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24th May 2020

Although it seems a long time since we rolled our Easter Eggs we are still in the season of Easter. Today we remember the sixth Sunday in the Easter Season, called Ascension Sunday. The disciples are beginning to get used to knowing Jesus in this new way. They are now back in Jerusalem, they are back in the room again and Jesus is with them. They are asking lots of questions.
The time has come for Him to leave, and so he leads them out of Jerusalem to a hill just outside a place called Bethany. There he gathers them round him, lifts up his hands, looks at each one and blesses them. Then he is taken up into the clouds.
They stand looking up at the sky. Then they hear a voice say “Why are you looking at the sky?” They then see two men dressed in white, and realize they have been staring into the empty sky. They feel a bit silly. The men answer their own question; “He is not there, he is gone now as you have known him.”
It seems that a great weight has been lifted from their shoulders, they turn and head back to Jerusalem to wait.
What is this Holy Spirit that is coming?
How long will they have to wait?
How will they know when it comes?
And so they wait, while they are waiting they choose Matthias to replace Judas who betrayed Jesus. Now they are twelve again.
I wonder what you see when you look at the sky?
I wonder how you are feeling as you wait for the time when you can see your family and play with your friends again?
I wonder what you are feeling today?

Can you remember singing this song? Why not give it a go again if you can remember it.

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