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This week we remember when Jesus went up into Heaven. The church calls it Ascension, which means to “go up”. The disciples had been getting to know Jesus in a new way since his resurrection when he rose from the dead.

They had felt his presence in the empty tomb.

They had found him on the road and in the breaking of the bread.

They had found him even in doubt.
They had gone back to Galilee and waited for him as he had told them to do. As they fished on the lake they saw him on the shore cooking.

They found him in the sharing of breakfast.
He taught them many things. He told them to “go everywhere and tell my story, so that everyone can be part of the story. Show people how to be good disciples.” “Baptise them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”
Then he told them to go back to Jerusalem and wait for him there. They were back in the upper room when he came. They were more comfortable now with this new way of knowing him. They asked many questions.
Then he led them out of the room, through the streets and out of the city to a hill called the Mount of Olives. Here he gathered them all around him, lifted his hands and looking at each one blessed them. He then went up into the clouds.
The disciples stood looking into the sky until someone said, “Why are you looking up into the sky?”

There were two men standing there dressed in white. The disciples felt silly. What were they doing looking up into the sky for what they could no longer see? The strangers answered their own question. “This was Jesus. He is gone now as you have known him.”
The disciples turned and walked back to Jerusalem. Now they had to wait. What was this Holy Spirit he said was coming? How would they know it when it arrived? And so they waited.

Here is a cracker of a wee song, hope you like it.

Ascension Activities Messy Church @ Home Activity

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