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Two publications were placed on the church book shelves just before lockdown which may be of interest. The first of which is written by the well-known Christian writer, John Piper. This book does not make for light reading but raises some interesting and challenging topics which are relevant to these times. Piper explains how creation has been designed by God for us to enjoy but also points out the responsibilities Christians have towards caring for creation and one another. He clearly explains the meaning behind the Cross and its implications for mankind.

The second book is entitled ’Single Women – Challenge to the Church’. This book makes for very interesting reading and again poses some challenging questions for the church. It examines how the church considers the status of and treats single women in congregations asking if they are only to be viewed as helpers in various church activities while be ignored when it comes to decision-making. The writer examines how the single woman is cared for and included within the church while giving practical examples after conducting into some research into the subject. This book should be read by both single and married people while much of its content is also relevant to the single man!

Reviewed by Lesley Brown

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