Longside Parish Church of Scotland

Scottish Charity No SC008873

GP 9th May 2021

Remember to look out for the activities after the songs

Good Morning. Are you ready for a story?
There once was someone who did such wonderful things and said such amazing things that people wondered who he was. Finally they couldn’t help it they just had to ask him who he was.
He said I am the Good Shepherd.

I know each of my sheep by name, and they know the sound of my voice.
When I take the sheep from the sheepfold they follow me.

I walk in front of the sheep to show the way.
I show them the way to the good grass.
Here is the table of the Good Shepherd.

Here is the bread and the wine of the Good Shepherd. Can you see the plate and the cup on the table?
Sometimes someone comes to read the very words of the Good Shepherd and to give us the bread and the wine.

Sometimes the people of the world come to the table and even the children come.

I wonder if you have ever come close to this table?
I wonder where this table could really be?
I wonder if the people are happy round the table?
I wonder if you have ever heard the words of the Good Shepherd?
I wonder where this place could really be?

Let’s sing, here are two wee songs for you to enjoy.

Good Shepherd Activities Godly Play Activities

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